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Some homes are covered with family photos. You know the house - there are life size family photos hovering over the dining table, every surface covered with small picture frames, and a huge family portrait over the fireplace.

Other homes may have very few or even no family photos on display. Instead these spaces are covered with interesting artwork or items found while traveling. Beautiful and potentially even very personal collections hang about with no image of grandpa or Aunt Lydia to be found.

But what about those of us caught somewhere in between? Those of us that want to display artwork and family photos without overly cluttering our spaces?

For today's 5 Ways post, we're going to look at a variety of options for displaying our family photos. From gallery walls to photo books to calendars, these are some of my favorite vendors for helping me fill my home with memories.


If you're an Instagram user (and a non-scrapbooker) like me, Chatbooks is an awesome way to pull those photos off your phone and into your home. For just $10 a book, you can automatically have a new Chatbook sent to your door every time you've posted 60 new photos to your Instagram account. (You can also customize and add or eliminate photos prior to your book being printed.)

The best part of these little books is that our kiddos love flipping through them. It gives us a ton of photos to view without the old school method of digging through a shoe box full of prints. (Anyone?)

For displaying, these little photo books look great stacked together in a bookcase or placed in one of the bookstands offered by Chatbooks. If you want a larger photo book, try ordering a hardback book and leaving it out on a coffee table for friends and family to flip through anytime they visit. I'm sure you'll discover you're all reliving memories more often once you add a few of these to your home.


Another super simple way to pull those family photos off of Instagram and into the real world is to order through Framebridge. For only $39 each, you can have your favorite Instagram photos printed, framed and shipped to your door. Amazing, right?

I'm currently trying to narrow down my photo selections to create a grid gallery wall (like above) using these lovely Instagram frames. Framebridge even offers preplanned gallery walls which include a life-sized hanging guide. Guys, this couldn't be easier!

Ready to order yours? Get 15% off your order using this link: http://fbuy.me/mPGsm


If you're looking for an option outside of the typical framed photos, Photobarn has a wonderful selection of products including my favorite, their wood prints. In our previous home, I created a gallery wall using mix of canvas prints, these wood prints, as well as some frames which added a ton of interest to a previously blank wall. (The thick wood prints also work well sitting on a desk or shelf.)

The wood prints add a warmth and dimension that I love and create such a lovely gift option. We also order a wood family photo ornament from Photobarn every year and it's one of my favorite traditions.


These are the best gift, y'all. We created one these precious calendars for my parents as well as my in-laws for Christmas and it really is the gift that keeps giving year round. Besides the collection of twelve family photos, it also comes with a gorgeous brass easel which can be utilized for the next calendar or a new set of photo prints.  

Perfect for a home office, these calendars will help you display a variety of photos throughout the year without taking up a ton of space. (And while being useful as well!)


This fun, inexpensive DIY as explained by Julia at Chris Loves Julia is one I plan to use for photos of our kiddos in our hallway. I love the graphic element combined with the personal photo and what a sweet way to capture a moment in time of our little ones.

photo from Chris Loves Julia

Believe it or not, these giant prints only cost a few dollars each to create making them totally affordable while making a big impact in your home. Be sure to check out their blog post for directions on how to make your own and I'll be sure to show you our version once that project is completed.

How do you like to display family photos in your home? Are you a pictures everywhere kind of person or would you prefer less photos and more art?

This year, I'm working on striking a balance between the two. While I enjoy having family photos displayed, I also desire to feature artwork from friends, local artists and our kids, as well as more generic items found at Target. As we finally get items on the walls of our home, I'll share how exactly we decided to find the perfect mix for our home.

Next up is a DIY picture ledge for above our sofa. Stay tuned.

xo, Robin

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