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When the time comes to transition away from the nursery, us mamas can get AAALLLL the feels, right? Our babies are growing too fast. We can't believe we're really done with the crib and often times, we're not quite sure how to update the space without changing absolutely everything. And let's be honest, changing everything isn't always in the budget.

In today's 5 WAYS blog post, we're going to look at how to get the biggest bang for our buck with just a handful of changes. I'll be using one of my recent e-design projects to show how this could work in a real setting which will hopefully help you visualize what you could do in your own nursery when the time comes. (But no rush, mama!)


Now not every room has to be totally without pastels. We used them in my almost 5 year old daughter's room and they work great. (Check out her new feature wall here.) But in general, if you're wanting to create a less baby focused space in a few steps, removing the baby blues and other tones often related to nurseries or baby showers can really help.

In our example project, the room color was a brown tone which will work well for a boy's bedroom of any age. However there were a few baby blue decorative elements thrown in that most definitely scream nursery. By simply removing those items (the elephants above the closet and the hanging pom-poms), the room will almost immediately start to feel a bit more grown up.


Just as the pastels and baby blues can instantly create a sweet nursery vibe, there are certain art pieces that will do the same. Replace those elements with something that feels a little more mature.

In this particular project, I kept with a similar theme, but instead of keeping the giraffe sign above the bed, we're updating it with a more masculine print of a bull. Still an animal, still a great option for this country boy, but now it's something he could enjoy even as a teenager. (But let's not think about our babies being teenagers, OK?)

I also recommended that the maternity photos be moved to a less prominent location since that also adds to the nursery feel. I don't think removing them all together is necessary, but placing them on the small wall by the door will fit the new room's grown up style better while still keeping a precious memory on display.


When working to update the nursery to a "big kid" room, think beyond the toddler stages. Rather than changing the room to fit a 3 to 7 year old, think about how your changes now might work for the 12 year old. Add in elements that would be useful (or fun) for your child when their older as well as now.

For this project, the hanging hammock chair in the window nook is crazy fun for a 5 year old, but I can easily envision a 12 year old hanging out with his friends in this space as well. Also the glider which once functioned for late night feedings can easily be repurposed as a reading chair for your growing child.

(And yes, I am currently trying to figure out where in my home this chair would fit. At under $55 can you blame me??)


A great way to elevate any room is to upgrade the details. Things like fresh hardware on existing dressers, updated light fixtures, and the addition of some wallpaper can make a huge difference in the feel of a space.

For this client's room, I chose a new industrial floor lamp to place next to the existing glider to create a more masculine style as well as some inexpensive, but sophisticated black and brass scones for over the bed.

I also suggested a feature wall with the use of birch branch wall paper which accomplished a couple things for this room. First, it covered the painted boarder which was definitely reading too young without requiring us to paint over it. (The client wanted to keep the room color, but doesn't have extra paint on hand.)

Second, the wall paper will create interest and texture in an area where hanging art would be difficult due to the slanted ceiling. The birch trees were the perfect mix of nature and neutral tones to tie in to this country boy bedroom.

Again, this decorative detail is something that the child won't outgrow, but should he desire a change in the future, wallpaper (especially when just on one wall) is easy to replace and update down the road, but makes a big impact. 



If you really want the best bang for your buck, skip the toddler bed and jump straight into an option that will grow with your child long term.

This queen sized metal framed bed from Wayfair is extremely budget friendly (we have it in a full size in white for our daughter's room and love it) and will take your child all the way through high school. Not only does it make since financially, it also prevents you from having to rework the room a few years down the road.

Feeling ready to tackle your little's room yet? If looking for additional help, you can always send in a question for my Free Design Advice Fridays or reach out for your own full e-design or Home Consultation.



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