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Even with minimalism officially in style and more people moving that direction, the reality is that most of us have too much stuff laying around the house and the clutter can quickly cause increased stress, irritation and ultimately distract us from the lovely spaces we've created. Yeah, no thanks.

This week let's take a look at five ways we can hide the clutter and keep our home looking great (and maybe even keep our sanity). As a family of five living in a 1,500 square foot house, I definitely understand the need to contain the chaos.


Our master bedroom has no closet (cue the gasps) since we opted to take it over to create a full bathroom out of our original half bath. We added built in storage around our bed and added IKEA wardrobes to act as our closet space which has worked great for us (and has helped keep my clothing shopping in check).  

The IKEA cabinets don't extend to the ceiling so I immediately put that unused space to work for us. The felt baskets across the top hold everything from purses and hats to business supplies and random string lights. They're easy to reach, out of the way, and making an otherwise wasted space useful.

You could use any style basket or bin to create additional storage in your home as well. Think the top of your refrigerator, the top of bookcase or above the cabinets as potential storage. Just be sure to select a container that fits your decor and consider what your storing before placing it somewhere high. You don't want to be stuck pulling out a step stool every time you need to get dressed. 


With numerous kiddos, there are A LOT of toys in our home. (Gosh, SO MANY toys.) Our biggest secret to keeping our kid clutter under control? The oh so lovely, storage ottoman!

Now, would the storage ottoman be my top choice in a design plan? Probably not, but for a home with young children - all the yeses! It's so convenient, hides a ton, and gives you a place to set down a drink or, depending on the ottoman design, doubles as additional seating.

When you're in the season of parenting young children, I fully believe selecting multi-purpose, durable furniture is a must. Finding a storage ottoman that fits your room's style could really help fight the constant toys on the floor epidemic that many of us experience.   


Do you have small items that you want to keep, but don't necessarily need to access to on the regular? One of my favorite options is to find beautiful bowls, small containers, decorative boxes, etc. that can be displayed on shelves while hiding those small items.

This can also be a great solution for areas like the bathroom counter. Find small containers to hold those hair ties, cotton balls, extra floss, etc. and you'll find your space less cluttered and more organized.

I also love small containers for hiding change, pens, rubber bands and other office materials. What areas could you tidy up with a container or two?


Y'all, the real MVP is a cheap Dollar Store plastic bin. Grab as many as you can, open up your most cluttered cabinet or closet and get to sorting. Don't worry, I'm not asking you to thank each item. I'm just asking you to place like items together, toss them in a bin and put it back on the shelf.

Simple adjustments like this can really reduce the anxiety or frustration you feel when opening that junk drawer, or in our case "junk cabinet". It's absolutely nothing fancy, but it helps us find things quicker and keep things more organized.

Warning: Once you start straightening and organizing one cabinet, you'll want to complete them all.   


So to be totally honest, this suggestion isn't actually hiding the clutter, but it does contain it which I think visually cleans up your space making it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Adding a tray is great if you often find little items thrown on an entry table or console or ottoman. Find a simple tray, add a decorative item or two (slightly larger so they don't also begin to look like clutter) and create a "zone" for those tiny tossed aside items. Use it as a place for your remote, spare change, pens, etc., but be sure to take the time to purge it every so often as to not become weighed down with junk.

We often have a tray in the middle of our dining table. It starts as a cute decorative moment, but over time becomes filled with extra items from kids or myself as we use the table for all the activities in our home. Since the junk is at least contained and not covering the entire dining table, I find it less frustrating in the long room. I just clear it out a couple times a week as needed when I actually have the time. (You know, like right before someone is coming over for dinner.)

Are you also struggling with the clutter? Which solution speaks to you?



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