• Robin Kee

Cheerful Art for Cheerful Spaces

I recently completed a loft space for a client which will function as a playroom and family room. Since they have little ones, I wanted to incorporate a touch of whimsy without diving too far into the play space vibe.

What I landed on is bright artwork paired some rainbow accents through pillows, art, and even a sweet little book basket. The combination of artwork feels playful without being too young for mom and dad to enjoy - the design sweet spot I was hoping for.

I love this little combination of prints so much that I thought I'd share with you as well! These all come from Minted which is one of my go to locations for selection artwork as there is a huge selection of artists and you can order them as a canvas or in a variety of frames. You're sure to discover something perfect for your spaces.

For this cheerful space I paired the After the Rain print with the Prettier in Pink landscape print. On the other side of the TV I stacked the Paper Hearts print over the Mid-Summertime landscape print. I love how placing artwork on either side of the TV helps balance out the functional needs of your space and the aesthetics. These pieces (or any of the many Minted options) could also be grouped along with some of your existing artwork to create a gallery wall in your space.

For a limited time, I'm offering digital Gallery Wall Styling for just $30. Send me a photo of your space along with measurements and screenshots of your desired artwork and I'll send you the ideal layout for your wall. Email me at robin@lovelylarkliving.com with the subject Gallery Wall to get added to my schedule.



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