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Creating Stylish Tea + Coffee Stations

Calling all coffee and tea drinkers! Are all your mugs hidden away in a cabinet? If you have ones as gorgeous as these handmade mugs from Hilo Studios they better not be.

Whether hosting others or simply pouring yourself a hot beverage, creating a stylish tea or coffee station can bring a little more joy to your morning routine. Let's chat through some easy ways to step up your styling game for these daily necessities.

First up is a simple table top tea station. Bonus with this styling set up is it doubles as your centerpiece! To create this cute tea station, I started with a simple cake stand, (You can order my exact cake stand here), mason jars, and some beautiful coffee mugs. *Order the coffee mugs at a discount with code: LOVELYMAKERSFEB

The best way to create any useful space is to take your time and be thoughtful about what is truly needed to provide the best experience. Being cute is great, but if it doesn't serve you well, you've missed the mark. Now that can include an experience for others, but most importantly, you should focus on the experience for yourself.

Do you like cream in your tea? Lemon? Be sure there is space for those elements in your display. Here I used lemon oil, but you could just as easily add a bowl of fresh lemons next to your cake stand. For the milk, I added a little DIY chalkboard paint to a glass milk bottle for a cute, but useful display item. (Read about the DIY chalkboard paint here.)

One of my favorite useful, but 100% adorable elements used in this tea station is the ceramic catch-all heart which provides me a place to drop my used tea bag without creating a mess. Cute and functional? Yes, please!

If tea is your go to beverage, you'll obviously want to have your tea bags within reach. I tossed mine into a couple mason jars for easy access. They look decorative while not in use and are practically screaming, "slow down and enjoy a drink!".

Lovely Tip: Use jars of varying sizes for the most aesthetically pleasing combination.

Doesn't this display make you want to grab a mug, sit across from a friend while sharing stories, laughing and sipping your favorite tea? 100% yes. Who's coming over?

OK, tea is great, but I'm a coffee drinker to the core so let's talk about styling up your countertop coffee station. *said while sip on my second (third?) cup of coffee...*

I adore our big ole coffee maker ( it makes 12 cups & you can order a similar one here) because I'm gonna refill my cup numerous times, but it isn't the most attractive element in our kitchen. The goal of this display was to balance the necessary coffee maker with layered decorative items while again keeping all the needed coffee items nearby.

I started by adding in a colorful print from Between the Evergreens. The black framed ties into the finish of the coffee mugs, the cabinet hardware as well as the black of the coffee maker while the yellows in the print really pop off the gray backsplash. Plus it's a cheerful painting that seems perfect for adding a little pep to your morning.

For additional color and depth, I layered in a few inexpensive cutting boards next to the artwork. (See this post for more on the painted cutting board.) The natural finish of the cutting boards help add warmth to the display and laying one cutting board on its side helped anchor some of the coffee necessities - cream and sugar. I also love that the cutting boards' color echo the natural finish in the coffee mugs and warm tones of the painting. (It's almost like it was an intentional design choice.)

Insider info: I actually drink my coffee black. What about you?

For the coffee grounds and filters, I simply placed the grounds in a mason jar and tucked the jar inside the filters. By setting them on top of a book and layering in the heart-catch all as a spoon rest, these daily necessities suddenly feel stylish and thoughtful.

So what do you think? Does this set up work for your morning routine or will you continue to hide all your mugs away in a cabinet?



Be sure to go Meet the Makers of the featured artwork and mugs.

You'll also find a discount code to order their products for your own home.

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