• Robin Kee

Favorite Home Items You Can Grab on Amazon Today

As much I love to shop small and encourage you to do the same, I'm not anti big box stores... I mean, your girl uses Amazon Prime quite regularly. I make shopping small a priority as often as I can, but sometimes a quick delivery or major deal or even just an ease of purchasing pulls me back over towards the larger companies on occasion. There are a handful of items you can grab from Amazon right now that I think are such great go to options for your home. If needing some items to refresh your space, first go grab some gorgeous art from Lovely Makers (discounts available through the end of January!), Levi Watson or Deeann Rieves, and then jump over to Amazon for one (or all) of these Lovely Lark Amazon finds. (Just click the image to shop.)

Ok, so that last one doesn't really fit with the rest, but I got a mini waffle maker for Christmas and it's by far my favorite kitchen item ever! Crack an egg, close the top and in about 30 seconds you have a perfectly cooked, high protein breakfast ready to go. Obsessed.

Let me know if you grab something or if you have your own list of Amazon favorites.

xo, Robin

*Note: Links to items are affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, affiliate links help support my small business.

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