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FEATURED PROJECT: Boy's Night Sky Bedroom

Although there are still elements to add to this design, our boys' "Night Sky" bedroom is looking pretty great if I do say so myself. We most recently added the sconces above each bed which added much needed light and interest. This simple addition helps the room feel more complete and definitely stepped up the style.

Here's the style board that kicked off this room:

The best part of this design has been that it's incredibly budget-friendly. The beds were first used as bunk beds in our previous home as were the comforters. (I'd love to upgrade the bedding down the road, but no rush for that especially with a two year old that is bound to pee all over it.) The old school desks were Facebook Marketplace finds (+ a little paint) for less than $15 each and the Target side table was just around $100 (I believe).

The more expensive items were The Night Sky prints for each of our boys, but being such as sentimental item, it was well worth the money. The frames were on super sale at Michael's which helped balance the cost as well. The other more costly item was the wallpaper on the ceiling, but let's be real - my shoulders suffered more in that endeavor than our pocketbook.

For the sconces, I snagged those off Amazon for less than thirty dollars a piece and while I might still spray paint them gold, it will still be a total steal that truly upgrades the look of their room. The even better part about this update is that we didn't even have to hardwire these guys. Yep, no electrical work required thanks to the "magic light trick" as coined by Brooke over at Nesting with Grace.

Here's all you need to recreate this simple light trick in your home:

  • a sconce (that will hide the light)

  • Puck lights like these

  • a Socket to Outlet adaptor (found at Home Depot)

  • a husband willing to do the work for you (optional)

Seriously that's it. (High five, friend!)

Hang the sconce on the wall using the provided hardware. (We had to make a small hole in the drywall so that the screw could go deep enough to allow the sconce to lay flush on the wall.)

Screw in the socket adaptor.

Apply the 3M sticker (that came with the puck light) to the adaptor and peel off the other side.

Push the puck light into place and watch in amazement as your light comes on!

OK, for real. This is the simplest update EVER, but it's so easy that it's honestly brilliant, right? (Man, you must be so glad I took so many process steps so you don't get confused.)

Where are you planning to add your next magic light?



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