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No matter how many times I share a photo of our kids' bathroom (which is also our guest bathroom and main bathroom) on social media, I get a lot of positive feedback which honestly amuses me. We renovated 95% of our home and the one space that we opted to DIY for now was... you guessed it! This bathroom.

So how is it that this space seems to get even more "oooohs and ahhhhs" than almost any other space in our home? Well, I believe it's the buffalo plaid wallpaper that elevates this bathroom and pulls people in while distracting from the not so perfect elements. But I also think there's something encouraging to viewers when they see a fun, well designed space that could easily be in their home as well.  

Today, we're going to take a closer look at what I did to make this a space one that we're proud of even though we skipped the renovation. Plus I'll chat about why we chose to leave this 50 year old bathroom in it's mostly original state while changing basically everything else in our home. (Hint: it was budget friendly and still works for our family.)

Interested in seeing a before photo? It was a beauty when we bought it, right?

I mean, at least it was neutral tile. Our first home had green tile alllll over which was a bit more trouble to work with and a tad more overwhelming on the eyes.

One of the characteristics of this outdated bathroom that we actually liked for the season of life we're in (read: life with little kids) is that the vanity height is quite low. Today's codes and recommendations would have a vanity counter much higher and this one is noticeably low for us adults. However, our kids can reach the sink without assistance or a stool which is an awesome, unexpected benefit.

With that in mind, we decided to work with what is existing until the kids are a bit older and would benefit from updated vanities and double sinks. For now, it suits us just fine. After some minor updates, that is.

Here's the low down on what I did to make this bathroom fit with the rest of our home while still technically being an old school, outdated bathro

  1. Added fresh peel and stick wallpaper (Devine Color at Target - $29.99 per roll)

  2. Painted the vanity base

  3. Replaced vanity hardware (Target $11.99 pack of 2 pulls; $7.99 pack 2 knobs)

  4. Replaced the mirror with two small round mirrors (Target - $59.99 each)

  5. New light fixtures (Wayfair)

  6. Added a shower rod (Target) & two black curtain panels (already owned) to the shower to hid the less than impressive shower and tub surround 

  7. Added a floor rug (Target -$19.99)

  8. Panda Art (already owned from Home Goods)

  9. Stool (borrowed from another room) - I like to use it for my wine glass when taking bath because you aren't enjoying a bath with wine on occasion are you even living? 

*Note: The contractors removed the mirror for us and replaced the ceiling fan/light combo. They also helped start the wallpaper removal process.  [[[praise hands]]] 

Still to do (before a full renovation):

  1. Replace the faucet for an oil rubbed bronze option. (We have one and still haven't taken the time to update it.)

  2. Replace the shower head

  3. Add bamboo shades (that have been lost in the mail for months)

And I should probably get around to dusting the light fixtures, but hey, nobody's perfect and the kids are too short to notice.

But isn't that the bigger picture here? Most people do not have a perfect home. It may appear as such on social media, but we're working the angles, friend. We're hiding the dirty laundry and the dog hair floating around on the floor. Please don't fool yourself into thinking your home needs to hit perfection before you can host friends. Don't let a "not yet perfect" space cause you embarrassment. Work with what you have and forget the rest.

After all, you're company is far more important the space you're in.

Now, if you do want help stepping up your home style game, I'm always here to help. Your home should be a place of rest and retreat. If it's causing you stress, let's get to work making it better, but invest in your home because it makes YOU happier - not in an effort to please others.

No keeping up with the Joneses here, friend. Let's rock those old school bathrooms and funky living spaces with pride.

xo, Robin

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