• Robin Kee

FEATURED PROJECT: Rainbow Books Feature Wall

I'm so excited to share this little project with you, friends. I've had this vision in mind for the wall behind my daughter's bed and, joyfully, it actually came out the way I hoped! It was also a family effort which made it extra fun.

The following images were my inspirations for this project:

The book wall art by Cotton Stem has always been a design I loved and once I spotted these gorgeous stairs from At Home with Ashley, I knew I had a combo that could work perfectly for my rainbow loving daughter.

Since many have done a version of Cotton Stem's book wall, I wanted to switch it up a bit. My goal was to create something that represented my daughter's creativity and imagination so I got started by hunting down as many classic books at the used bookstore in our area, McKay's. I collected hardcover books like Jack and Jill, Little Women, and Alice in Wonderland. 

Next I put the big kids to work painting the covers of all nine books. I selected Martha Stewart Home paints from Michael's in colors that most resembled the pastel rainbow stairs inspiration. (This was a great activity since I messed up the kid's camp schedule last week and unexpectedly had them home with us during the work day.)

After two coats of paint, I ripped out a handful of pages from a few of the books (yes, I felt strangely guilty doing this) and my amazing husband created eight paper flowers for me. What a random skill, right? Told you this was a family project.

After the paper flowers were ready, it was time to start creating our feature wall. I began by laying out the books on the bed to get an idea of spacing, but for the most part this was an organic, let's roll with it kind of project.

We attached the books to the wall with nails and since they all overlapped, most got a couple nails to help hold them in place. It was honestly super simple and a lot of fun to work on. All three kids sat on the floor and ate popcorn while mom and dad tackled the project.

I loved letting a few of the bookmarks hang out of the books. It added interest with zero added effort. Yes, please! Next it was time to start layering in some book pages to fill add some depth.

Loving that hair, aren't you? Yep, no shower before this project so I was looking top notch for project pictures.

We attached the book pages with just a bit of tape and tucked them under the already secured books. I just added them wherever felt right and did my best to mix the pages so that the varied font sizes and page colors were mixed throughout the display.

Next I layered in the paper flowers. We used some to cover the nail heads while others were placed on the wall to again add depth and interest. We had eight flowers because that's what we had time to complete. How's that for honesty? (Hey, we had a housewarming party to prepare for so time was of the essence and it looks great. I'm just saying if you want to make 40 paper flowers, go for it!)

After all the pages and paper flowers were added, I took a bit of paint and cover the remaining nail heads and then stepped back to appreciated the fact that my vision came to fruition and my daughter loved it. Mom win! 

Finally we made the bed, hung her canopy back up, and called it a day.

Actually, we then hung a few other things and cleaned the entire house, but you know what I mean. I'm so pleased with this fun, playful decor and think it's a great option that my daughter won't outgrow anytime soon.

If you like this project too, let me know! Pin away and share the DIY love.

xo, Robin