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When we first bought this house, we were thankful to have the sunroom as an additional kid space. Since we were downsizing, it seemed like the perfect solution to replacing the playroom from our previous home. (Which of course the kids rarely used, but we just had to have.)

What's comical now is that even after downsizing by more than 1,000 square feet, we still don't use all of our spaces to the fullest extent and the sunroom, while indeed housing kid toys, is much less of a "kid space" than I expected. It's turned into a space we all enjoy and after our last few updates, it's a room that is finally starting to feel a bit more like home.

Here's the gorgeous sunroom that came with our home:

Lovely right? That fan! That pinkish tan carpet! Gosh, you can almost smell the mustiness through the screen can't you?

The first step to updating this space was to replace the flooring. Our contractor recommended avoiding tile as the temperature changes would likely cause the grout to crack quickly so I found a engineered floating floor that gave the tile look I wanted without the upkeep issues. As soon as it was installed the room instantly felt cleaner and more updated.

Unfortunately, it was still lacking style.  

A few other updates happened prior to us moving in such as painting the red brick white, painting the concrete step gray, and adding light fixtures, but the biggest changes happened over the past week or so as I finally found the time (energy?) to put in some sweat equity.

Since I clearly didn't have enough over the head torture when wallpapering the boys' bedroom ceiling (post on that room update coming as soon as their lost artwork finally arrives), I decided to paint the ceiling of the sunroom!

Honestly, it was far less about wanting to punish my shoulders and more about giving this space some warmth and depth. The all white space could have worked well enough, but it felt safe and boring. This green paint added the drama I desired while still tying into the nature all around it. (I considered painting the ceiling a blue hue, but again, it felt too safe.) 

Once it was all said and done, I was so thankful I didn't let myself fall into the safe category. This room now feels like part of our home rather than a random addition and I find myself wanting to spend more and more time out there. (Even the dogs seem to like it better now!) 

After painting the ceiling, I added some sheer curtain panels on either end of the space for a bit of privacy and shade. Still to come are floating frame art above each loveseat, a TV to be mounted on the brick wall, some additional plants (pray they stay alive!), and a new piece of furniture for storing more kid things I'm sure.

So what do you think about the green ceiling? Would you go for it?

Loveseats: Home Depot

Ottoman: World Market

Chair: Amazon

Door Mat: Home Depot

Ceiling Light Fixture: Amazon

Pillows: Woven Nook & TJ Maxx

Paint Color: Behr Halls of Ivy

Stay tuned for additional updates to this room as well as our outdoor patio area.

xo, Robin

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