• Robin Kee

GUEST POST: Nashville Artist, Margaret Brown

Friends! I'm so excited to share with you my very first guest blog post. I'm lucky to know some incredibly talented people and today you'll get a bit of insight from one of my very favorite Nashville artists - Margaret Brown from ML Brown Studio.

Art by Nashville Artist, Margaret Brown - Photo by B+R Photography

After you read this quick post, be sure to head over to Instagram and follow Margaret @mlbrownstudio to swoon over all of her gorgeous work. Plus she's releasing new art in October that you won't want to miss.

OK, now on to Margaret....

Q: Can you give insight on how the space the painting will be in can inspire your work (for custom pieces) and how you work with a client to find inspiration...like if the client doesn’t have an immediate inspiration source, how do you help?

A: With clients who are wanting a commission they are initially very excited, but can quickly feel anxious or intimidated by all of the options and not knowing exactly what they want. That's why I start with asking them to pick some of my work that is their favorite and start from there. Providing a framework seems to unlock intuition that was always there for them. I try to connect the common factors of the paintings they chose. They are usually surprised at how much they know what they want to see, especially when it combines all of the different things that inspire their life. 

For instance, I just finished a commission, and the common theme was nature, and after asking a few more questions (which I've already structured for this very process) they felt more confident and started to feel excited about the process, the same excitement they felt in the beginning. I also love the challenge of using a theme and colors I may not have chosen myself. 

When the piece is placed on the wall for the first time, my clients have told me they feel joy and inspiration because they have something that doesn't exist anywhere else, and it's a reflection of their uniqueness. What's even better is they tell me they experience that feeling everytime they see it.  It's a powerful thing for buyers and that's been a surprising benefit of my work is to hear how much the piece means to them and continues every time they see it which in turn brings me much joy!

There's not many things you can purchase that are like that, and that's what makes personal art so special.  

Art by Nashville Artist, Margaret Brown - Photo by B+R Photography

Q: What’s inspiring you right now?

A: I am gravitating to a lot of various colors of orange. Also, I bird watch in the morning and find color variations of the birds so majestic...calming yet striking.

Art by Nashville Artist, Margaret Brown - Photo by B+R Photography

Q: What do you do for self-care?

A: As a professional artist it's easy to forget that painting takes energy and to have more creative energy you need down time. 

I try to structure down time throughout my day and weeks, but it's something I have to be intentional about, because being a mom also requires a lot of my attention.

I love going to reflexology, running trails through my favorite park and sitting outside to take in the beauty of nature. I have a bird feeder in my backyard, and it's a simple thing, but it brings me a lot of joy and it helps me to be present in that moment while I’m sitting outside.

Art by Nashville Artist, Margaret Brown - Photo by B+R Photography

Art by Nashville Artist, Margaret Brown - Photo by B+R Photography

Thank you for sharing, Margaret! OK, friends. Run to Insta and give Margaret a follow. I promise you won't regret it.

*All photos by B+R Photography (@br_instaphoto)