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How to Shop Second Hand for your Home

Over the past year or so I've reevaluated my shopping habits. I'm thinking more about who is making the clothing I'm purchasing and are they being payed a fair wage. I'm looking at small businesses rather than big box stores (hence the Lovely Makers series) and I'm starting to incorporate more second hand items into my life.

Recently I've started shopping with small businesses that find and resale second hand clothing (like last month's Lovely Maker, Emma Leigh Design) and it's been lovely! I'm simultaneously supporting a small business and shopping sustainably. I'm now working to incorporate that same thought process into my home decor.

This month's Lovely Makers, Brass Birdie, is making that effort much easier by curating a collection of found treasures for those looking to add to their home aesthetic in thoughtful, unique ways. Allis and Mallory were kind enough to share their tips for selecting decor items for their shop and personal homes so that we can all give thrifting a try. Here's what they had to say:

We’ve found that shopping second hand or with local artisans allows you to really cultivate your own unique style and aesthetic. And best of all, it’s a sustainable way to decorate. Combining vintage, new and one of a kind items gives your home character and warmth that doesn’t fade quickly with the trends.

Here are some tips for shopping second hand:

  • Be open minded while shopping.

  • Take your time and be willing to dig a little.

  • Select items made of quality materials that will last.

  • Look for items that can be repurposed.

Now I took my best shot at doing all of the above while visiting a local antique mall, East Nashville Antiques (highly recommend for those local to Nashville), and when browsing Goodwill. I found a couple items to DIY, fell in love with a few brass "friends", and restyled my kitchen shelves with a fresh, Spring vibe.

Think I succeeded?

Jump on over to my Shelfie Styling blog post and see my efforts as well as some beautifully styled shelves from Mallory and Allis.



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