• Robin Kee

Make Your Own DIY Kid's Bed Tent

I had so much fun creating this functional, playful kids' space inside a RV for three precious kiddos. I first decided to build the design around a camping theme which then prompting a super fun DIY bed tent detail which is definitely the star of the show. Even better, the entire space was extremely affordable making it a perfect thing to try at home. 

Want to create your own faux tent for your little ones? Who am I kidding, of course you do! Here’s how: ⠀

🏕 Gather your supplies: a drop cloth & a wooden dowel both cut to your desired size, wide leather strapping (found at craft store), screws, drill, staple gun or Velcro strips⠀

🏕 Wrap a piece of the leather strapping around one end of the wooden dowel and screw into the ceiling (one screw on each side). ⠀

🏕 Slide the drop cloth over the dowel and then secure the opposite end using the same method as listed above. ⠀

🏕 Secure the ends of the “tent” to the frame of the bed by pulling the fabric tight and using a staple gun or, for a less permanent approach, with Velcro strips. ⠀

Add in a cute little lantern, some woodland inspired stuffed animals and your little one will be ready for bedtime camping adventure.

Take a tour of the tiny, but mighty space here: RV Kids' Camping Themed Bedroom Tour

Let me know if you try creating your own faux tent!



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