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March 2021 Meet the Makers: Andi Teggart + Margaret Lee

This month I'm featuring two small businesses that both provide one of a kind items that will fill your home with depth, layers, texture and color. The addition of their products to your home will immediately elevate your space and have your friends asking, "where did you get that?!" (Which we all know is the ultimate compliment.)

First, let's meet Andi, the curator of one of a kind pillows, textiles and floor poufs based out of the Nashville area. Andi started curating and selling textiles after a very inspiring trip to Marrakesh, Morocco in Fall 2019. Here's how she shares about it on her website:

During the trip, I spent countless hours wandering the souk, searching for treasures, and soaking in the beauty around every corner. Wandering around Marrakesh was this strange pull of the senses; there was so much color and beauty and liveliness but it was all situated amidst simplicity. I was especially drawn to the vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and stunning textures of the textiles I found, and I was amazed by the fact that each piece has its own unique story. I was also inspired by the versatility of the pieces, that most textiles were upcycled using existing materials like vintage rugs, and that women primarily were the ones crafting these textiles, often a skill passed down from generation to generation.

When I gathered a handful of pillow covers to style my spaces for this month's Lovely Makers, I was immediately in awe of the texture and quality of these covers. They are more beautiful in person than any photo can capture and, as Andi shares, each item has its own story which then brings new life to your home.

One of a Kind Pillow Covers from Shop Lucky Collective

Shop Lucky Collective Owner, Andi Teggart

Andi lives in Nashville with her husband and two daughters. Outside of searching for beautiful textiles, she also has her own digital marketing agency Lucky Collective and a lifestyle blog luckyandi.co. You'll find Andi spending a lot of time hanging out in her backyard greenhouse, having spontaneous dance parties with her daughters, writing about motherhood, rearranging furniture, and planning her next adventure

Shop Lucky Collective using the code LARKLIVING to get 10% off your order through May 2021.

You can follow Andi for more design inspiration on Instagram at ShopLuckyCollective and LuckyAndi.

*If you are or know a small business creative that would be a good fit to feature in future editions of Lovely Makers, please reach out to me at robin@lovelylarkliving.com.

Now let's meet visual artist, creative, teacher, and mom of two, Margaret Lee Brown. "She grew up in a small Bay town area called Daphne, Alabama. During college is when she discovered her passion for psychology, culture, and nature. Brown’s life experiences as a former apparel designer and art educator has further influenced her artwork that creates an immediate impression and lasting influence.

She is also the founder of The Creative Unblock, 'helping you solve your own problems through the power of creativity'. A company that focuses on using the right hemisphere of the brain to help calm the mind and get unblocked using creativity."

I own two of Margaret's original paintings, (the one shown above was my first real investment in original artwork) and they both bring me such joy that they would be top of the list of "things to grab if there's a fire". The layers Margaret creates in her work pulls the observer in and brings you back again and again. Her work is created with depth of meaning as well as in depth of layers providing you with art that can speak to the soul.

Shop ML Brown Studio using the code PAINT10 to get 10% off your order. For more inspiration and to keep up with her newest collection releases, follow Margaret at MLBrownStudio on Instagram.

If you haven't already, be sure to jump over to my Spring Refresh blog post to see how I used Andi's pillows, some grocery store florals, and a little rearranging to completely change up the feeling of my living spaces.



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