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Meet the Makers: Allis and Mallory of Brass Birdie

Hey, hey, friends! This month I'm featuring one small business with two rockstar Makers. Now, when you think "maker" you might automatically assume someone who is creating a product like artwork or candles, but these two women are creators of styled spaces and finders of treasures. Basically, they're my kind of people.

I stumbled across Brass Birdie on Instagram and quickly fell in love with the idea of supporting another small business with my purchases all while shopping secondhand, meaning less waste and strain on the environment. Win, win, right? Allis and Mallory have a great eye for finding hidden gems and the best part? You can purchase those perfectly curated items without having to spend the time hunting on your own. High fives for unique finds and time saved! Let's meet the ladies behind this creative business.

First up is Allis - Here's a little bit about this Lovely Maker in her own words...

"I am a Nashville native currently living in the Crieve Hall area with my husband David, two year old son Everett, and our dog Nelson. I love traveling, anything related to real estate and home design, and hosting at home. I’m also a nurse — Mallory and I work together.

I have always enjoyed transforming each place I’ve lived into a home through beautiful, meaningful decor. I gained an appreciation for the beauty in older furniture, glassware, artwork, etc from my mother and grandmothers. While I learned how to find interesting pieces at antique stores, yard sales, and estate sales, one of my favorite places to browse was always my Nannie’s basement."

And now let's meet Mallory!

"I am originally from Alabama but for 11 years now I’ve lived in Nashville with my husband, Steven, and our two daughters. I enjoy gardening, painting/drawing and I dabble in a little floral design for fun.

Anyone who knows me well knows I also love “treasure hunting.” I grew up shopping with my mom, sister and grandmother searching for good deals and hidden gems. It’s how I’ve decorated my home for years. I appreciate mixing the old with the new, creating a timeless look with personality."

Allis and Mallory describe Brass Birdie as "thoughtfully collected pieces for your modern, eclectic home" and that is exactly what you'll find as you browse their collection of items.

To see how you can style vintage and secondhand finds, jump on over to my Shelfie Styling blog post where Allis and Mallory showcase their styling skills. Inspired by their thrifting, I also styled some shelves in my home using some antique finds, goodwill items and even reused a nail polish kit box. (Yes, for real.) Read all about it now.

Feeling inspired to do your own thrifting and treasure hunting? Pop over to this blog post for Brass Birdie's best tips on shopping secondhand.

OK, friends, here's your homework: Go follow Brass Birdie on Instagram and if you make any purchases, be sure to let me know what you picked up using #LovelyMakers and #mybrassbirdie on insta!

They also have a Collectors Club and when you sign up, you'll receive 10% off your next purchase! Head on over to brass birdie.com/collectors-club to get signed up.

Let's continue to make 2021 the year we lift small creative businesses and surround ourselves with items we love.



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