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Meet the Makers: Deeann Rieves + Levi Watson

For my very first Lovely Makers monthly decor email (subscribe here, friend!) I wanted to feature two artists that I truly love. Not only are they both really good humans, but I also have their artwork all around my home. Trust me when I say, they're the real deal when it comes to their craft and I can't wait for you to meet them.

First up is Deeann Rieves, a contemporary artist working with mixed media, acrylic, and abstraction near Nashville. Her pieces can be found in our bedroom, living room, den, and now even our bathroom. (Thanks to my hubby surprising me with a new piece on Christmas!) I'm becoming quite the collector.

What originally pulled me in to Deeann's work is her textural stitching layered on top of gorgeous washes of paint and chalk contours. I just can't get enough of those little details - amazingly, those stitching details show up just as beautifully in her prints! Every piece is different and yet they pull me in all the same.

Artist Deeann Rieves

Artist Deeann Rieves

Deeann lives in Nashville with her two beautiful girls and her music industry hubby. She's kind, welcoming, (touring her studio was a lovely treat) and ready to create something perfect for your home. Head over to her website to view all her available works, find out about commissions, and learn more about this Lovely Maker. Deeann has a variety of price ranges available making it easy to find artwork to fit your home and budget. From mini originals to prints to large customs, you're bound to find something you love.

Shop Deeann's prints using the code LOVELY to get 10% off your order.

*If you are or know a small business creative that would be a good fit to feature in future editions of Lovely Makers, please reach out to me at robin@lovelylarkliving.com.

Next up is the creative and quirky dad of two from the Nashville area, Levi Watson. Levi works in a variety of mediums from digital illustrations to watercolor to pencil, but where I think he truly shines is in his ink work illustrations. (Which is why I now own two!)

I saw this quote on Levi's website and I think it beautifully captures what I love about the "Shape" print I featured in this month's email:

"My love to create mirrors my love for creation."

"Shape" by Levi Watson

The detail in his ink sketches are mind boggling for an impatient wanna be artist like myself. Levi's work shows a calm patience that I long for in life which may be exactly why his work speaks to my soul. On his website you can find "Shape", "Wait", and "Growing Old" all in this aesthetic. (I've also seen custom home sketches which would be an incredible gift to a new homeowner.)

Shop Levi's prints using the code LOVELY to get 10% off your order.

Now if you're looking for a more colorful option, or something more graphic, Levi has you covered for that too. And if you're a lover of Nashville, you'll definitely want to pick up his "Broadway in Nashville" print.

Levi lives in Nashville with his crazy smart wife and two wild, fun loving kiddos. He is a true friend, a fun dad, and a lover of nature. I'm so excited to be able to introduce more people to his work as it deserves to be in more homes. (Levi's sister is an incredibly talented artist based out of Knoxville that we may need to feature soon too!)

OK, friends. I need you to do a couple things: Go follow Deeann and Levi on Instagram and check out their websites. Then grab a print (or two or three) and share these Lovely Makers with your friends. Be sure to let me know what you picked up using #LovelyMakers on insta!

Let's make 2021 the year we lift small creative businesses and surround ourselves with items we love.



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