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Meet the Makers: Joymark Studio + Emma Leigh Design

Friends, I am so so excited to introduce you to these two small business and the lovely women running them! One I discovered thanks to our joint love and support for the fair-trade fashion company, Noonday Collection (shop here) and the other I stubbled upon on Instagram last year when I snatched up one of my very favorite sweatshirts (that I wear all the time and will be grabbing in another color!). Yay for social media connections, right?!

First, let's meet Steph of Joymark Studio since her print is what really started this entire month's Lovely Makers design. Stephanie was so sweet and reached out to me on Instagram to say she loved my (Noonday) photos and to just give a word of encouragement - now that's a lady I want to support! And lucky for me, she is a graphic designer with a cuuuute Esty shop.

Flashcards from Joymark Studio

Stephanie has over 15 years of experience as a graphic designer and spent many years living and working abroad before starting her family in Baltimore, Maryland. She and her husband are totally smitten with their little girl and rescue dog. Stephanie is quite fond of finding new coffee shops, decorating for special events, singing loudly in the car, and stationery goods (you can never have enough!)

Her goal in life is to help others flourish and infuse beauty and joy into every interaction — leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes. (High-fives for that!)

After the birth of her daughter, Stephanie launched Joymark Studio full-time so she could have the flexibility to raise ‘E’ and work from home. As she became immersed in all things baby, she was inspired to apply her love of illustration, lettering, and design to resources her daughter could use in the future. What started as a small creative exercise during maternity leave, bloomed into a full alphabet set that is enjoyable for hands-on learning as well as decor. This unique gender neutral artwork combines hand-drawn type with a collection of objects and animals to delight all ages — adding fun and whimsy to any room! Joymark Studio launched their product line in 2019 with this special series and now has a full collection of meaningful stationery goods and wall art available on Etsy.

Alphabet Print from Joymark Studio

I cannot wait for you (and the homeowner!) to see how beautifully Stephanie's alphabet prints fits into the nursery design. It truly is the perfect gender neutral piece. I also layered in her flashcards as artwork and it's just one of the sweetest touches.

Stephanie also has a collection of cards and I cannot wait to get my hands on her newest collection in honor of Mother's Day (like the one shown below). Be sure to keep an eye out for the full collection coming soon!

Shop Joymark Studio or visit her website for more information on her graphic design services. Subscribe to the Lovely Makers email list to receive a code for 10% off your order.

*If you are or know a small business creative that would be a good fit to feature in future editions of Lovely Makers, please reach out to me at robin@lovelylarkliving.com.

Next up Emma Robinson, the owner + maker behind the shop, Emma Leigh Design. After years of pursuing a dream of having a small business of her own, she officially launched Emma Leigh Design in June of 2019. She creates and sells a variety of handmade + designed goods that range from apparel to home decor. Emma is an artist, graphic designer, dog mom, and lover of all things floral. Her hope is that something you find in her shop will bring you some joy or encouragement in the midst of your everyday life.

As I mentioned, I first found Emma's shop because of her "Love Your Neighbor" sweatshirt and if you know me in real life or follow my personal account on Instagram, you know I legit love that sweatshirt. So much so that I'm purchasing another in birthday sale today (4/15/21) and you should too!

Then I recently discovered that she also added in some home decor items and I instantly knew I wanted to get her on my Lovely Makers email! And you will not believe how perfectly her prints pair with Stephanie's! It is seriously a matched made in heaven. Be sure to check out my Nursery Concept on this blog post and then keep an eye out for the next email on 4/20 when we reveal the full design!

Prints from Emma Leigh Design

Subscribe to the Lovely Makers email to get 10% off Emma's shop all month!

Print from Emma Leigh Design

Emma's prints are a great quality and super affordable making them wonderful gifts as well as lovely options for your home. For my design, I plugged them into oversized floating frames and I love the final look. Be sure to check out all over her designs and other home decor as well as her fun collection of clothing.

OK, friends. I need you to do a couple things: Go follow Stephanie and Emma on Instagram and check out their websites. Then grab a print, card, and sweatshirt and share these Lovely Makers with your friends. Be sure to let me know what you picked up using #LovelyMakers on insta!

Let's continue to make 2021 the year we lift small creative businesses and surround ourselves with items we love.



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