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Meet the Makers of Between the Evergreens & Hilo Studios

It is such as joy to feature other creatives each month and I'm so incredibly excited to introduce you to two artists that I absolutely adore. First up we'll meet Elizabeth Lange of Between the Evergreens who I discovered thanks to my husband and a Nashville craft fair. Then we'll meet Kelsey Smith from Hilo Studio who actually found me via a Nashville Creative Facebook group when I shared I was looking to partner with more artists and creative business in 2021. (Yay for social media!)

Both of these women have such talent that I think you'll not only appreciate, but will want to get your hands on, so let's dive on in and say hello!

Dunes No 8 by Between the Evergreens in the Home of Robin Kee of Lovely Lark Living
Dunes No 8 by Between the Evergreens

When Elizabeth started Between the Evergreens in 2016, her goal was to create art inspired by nature. She began by studying trees in order to paint the features that make each one unique and that work then expanded to painting mountains, cliffs, and beaches. Her love of travel and hiking had added so much joy, beauty, and time for reflection to her life that she wanted to share that with others and I absolutely believe that is what you'll find in her artwork.

Elizabeth Lang of Between the Evergreens

Elizabeth's paintings are a reflection of what she sees and feels when in a beautiful place. I love when she says that she "believes that finding beauty is the work of the one looking, not the work of the object". I mean, wow. With her paintings, Elizabeth works to convey more than a visual of a place; she hopes to convey a feeling.

For me personally, it's the simple shapes that come together to form a beautiful landscape or florals or a cityscape that draw me in. My husband originally spotted Elizabeth's paintings while at a Nashville craft show. (He was living that pre-Covid life!) I was working so he sent me photos to see if I was interested in him bringing a couple of her framed prints home to which I responded a resounding "YES!!". Even from a crappy iPhone photo I could tell this was art I wanted to add to our home.

Dunes No 8 by Between the Evergreens

I've had two of Elizabeth's prints in our home for over a year and I thrilled to introduce you all to her work so that you can add some of her originals or prints to your spaces. Jump over to her Between the Evergreens website to shop her newest collection, Wandering Dunes. As a Lovely Maker subscriber, you'll receive 10% off your purchase with the Code: LOVELY10 + she offers free shipping!

Yellow Spring Flowers Print By Between the Evergreens

Now let's meet the Lovely Maker that created these absolutely gorgeous, handmade ceramic mugs, Kelsey Smith of Hilo Studios. A graduate of Middle Tennessee University, once Kelsey discovered her love for ceramics she dove all in. When meeting her it's clear that she finds such passion and joy in her work - even from 6 feet away while wearing masks!

Kelsey believes in the little things and that a good cup of coffee in a handmade mug is what great mornings are made of and I couldn't agree more. Based in the heart of Tennessee, Kelsey embraces all things southern and simple. (Just check out her "Bless Your Heart" mug, y'all.) Every piece is created to function beautifully within your home and life.

After getting my hands on these mugs I loved how large they are, but was blown away by how incredible lightweight they are. Kelsey creates high-quality handmade ceramics for beauty, usefulness, and above all to become your favorite little thing and let me tell you, this will be your favorite little thing.

Kelsey also creates these precious little heart catch-alls that are perfect for holding your rings or for resting the spoon from your coffee or placing your used tea bag on. If looking for a sweet gift item, this could be a great option paired with jewelry or your favorite coffee or tea. (Eventually I'll have to get my hands on one of Kelsey's cheese boards too so I can up my charcuterie game.)

Jump on over to Kelsey's website to shop her handmade ceramics at 10% off using the code: LOVELYMAKERSFEB. Trust me when I say you'll love them all.

Continue to support these Lovely Makers by following them on Instagram. You can find Elizabeth at @BetweenTheEvergreens and you can find Kelsey at @Hilo.Studios

If you make a purchase, be sure to let me know what you grabbed!



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