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Happy Monday, friends! As I'm inching towards taking on Lovely Lark Living as my full-time career (I'll be leaving my current full-time job at the end of January), I thought it was the perfect time to look over what I've accomplished over the past seven months. (Has it seriously been only seven months?!) 

Below is a collection of (almost) all of my project design boards from this year. As you scroll through I hope you find some inspiration for your own spaces, but as I scroll through, I'm honestly just honored by all that have trusted me with their homes. I'm proud of what I've created for others as well as myself and look forward to what's to come. 

Over the next few months, as I continue to work to build the very best offerings and experiences for my clients, I hope to gather as many photos as possible of completed client spaces to share with you. The late nights and long days of squeezing in design work anywhere I possibly can will forever be worth it because I truly believe our homes can offer peace in a busy world and open the door to community.

We're all capable of creating beautiful spaces, but if second-guessing, budget constraints, or lack of time is keeping you from having a home you love, I would be honored to create a plan for you - a plan that will result in a beautiful, cohesive design that you can enjoy and share with others.

OK, friend. Get to scrolling... 

Lots more to come. Thanks for supporting the journey. xo, Robin

P.S. If you want sources for anything shown, just email me at lovelylarkliving.com or send a DM on Instagram and I'd be happy to provide those details.

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