• Robin Kee

NON TOXIC HOME: Essential Oils for Kids

Updated: May 13, 2019

Because our homes should be safe as well as beautiful, let's talk about non toxic products. I began my journey towards a less toxic home (and yes, we're very much still on that journey) a little over a year ago.

We've slowly swapped soaps, lotions, makeup, and shampoo. We've eliminated candles and air fresheners. (Because gross and crazy unsafe for your family. Learn more here.) We've limited our medication intake because we now have other options to support our sleep, headaches, congestion and more. Our kiddos have even jumped on the non toxic bandwagon and today I'm sharing some of the essential oils they use most often:

Please note that we only use Young Living essential oils because it is the company that we trust. Please research products before deciding to use them on your family - especially your littles. You can read why I'm confident in using Young Living products here.


Known around here as their "good dreams oil", we keep White Angelica in the kids' bathroom with a roller filament so I can easily roll it on their shoulders and neck every night before bed. I've diluted it slightly with a carrier oil and added a bit of Lavender mainly because I was running low and needed to stretch it a bit, but I also apply it undiluted without issue.

This blend of 10 oils (which I love as a perfume as well) creates a positive atmosphere and can inspire feelings of security and optimism making it a great option for defeating those bad dreams. If your little ever wakes up in the middle of the night upset, White Angelica is a perfect oil to roll on before tucking them back into bed.


This is another oil in our bedtime routine. Created specifically for littles, SleepyIze is a great oil to diffuse as you prepare for bed and read bedtime stories, but we also apply it directly on their wrists. With oils like Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Sacred Frankincense, this blend creates a sense of peace which, with three kids, we desperately need.


Some of our go-to oil options are one's that we've created ourselves. We're a big fan of creating rollers because you can customize them to your needs and they make using oils so quick and simple.

One of my favorite roller options for the kiddos is a tantrum roller. My daughter (4) will even stop in the middle of a crying fit to request her "calm down" oils. Not only does help support her emotionally, it also teaches her to pause, take a deep breath and evaluate how she's feeling.

Here's what we like to put into our 10ml Tantrum Roller:

5 drops Peace & Calming

5 drops Joy

10 drops White Angelica

10 drops Gentle Baby

Fill the rest with carrier oil such as liquid coconut oil

Apply on wrists and back of neck as needed to help calm your littles. (Feel free to apply it to yourself too, mama.)


In addition to our Tantrum Roller, I've created a "Angry Boy" roller for our littlest love who is in that lovely phase of being opinionated, but not yet able to fully communicate. Since he's under two, I made him a more diluted roller option to help calm his frustrations.

5 drops Peace & Calming

5 drops Lavender

5 drops Cedarwood

Fill the rest with carrier oil

Apply on wrists and back of neck as needed. This combo is also wonderful for sleep so diffusing a few drops of each before bed can be great for the whole family.


Tummygize is a great oil to keep close by for when those tummy aches pop up. With oils like peppermint and ginger, this blend can ease discomfort and is already diluted for your littles. Just like I don't want to be caught without Digize for my stomach issues, I would never travel without Tummygize for the kids.

Again, please note that I only use Young Living essential oils because I'm confident that they are pure oils without additives or chemicals. If you're new to essential oils, feel free to reach out with questions or get started on your own oil journey by getting your starter kit here.

What essential oils do you use for your littles? Anything I should be adding to the mix?

x0, Robin