• Robin Kee

NON TOXIC HOME: Pampering Guests

When you host guests, especially overnight guests, you want them to feel welcome and comfortable in your home. That can be especially important when your guests are staying in a common area of your home like the pull out sofa our the den. By taking a few extra steps, you can take your guests from feeling like they're intruding to making them feel right at home. 

Using safe products in our home is extremely important to me so rather than lighting a candle (which would send out all sorts of pollutants into the air my babies and guests breathe in) I reach for things like my diffuser to set the stage for those visiting our home.

Here are some ways you can help your overnight guests feel not only welcomed, but totally pampered through the use of completely safe and natural products.


I believe that step one for hosting well is to first have a clean home. And don't get me wrong, my home is not sparkling clean at all times and yours doesn't have to be either. I'm talking about preparing your home for expected overnight guests. In those instances, it is important to take your time and ensure that your kitchen, bathroom and common spaces are clean and ready for your friends and family.

Using a cleaner like Thieves Household Cleaner will make preparing your home easy. This cleaner can be used on basically every surface of your home from windows to counters to furniture to floors and tubs. A plant-based formula made with a mix of essential oils, Thieves Household Cleaner has a sweet, spicy scent that even my kids love plus an effective deep cleaning power without the harsh chemicals found in typical cleaners.

And best yet, one small bottle is ultra concentrated and will last you months so you can always rest assured you home is guest ready. (Be sure to read to the end to learn how you could get a free bottle of this amazing cleaner!)


As a I mentioned above, candles (and plug-ins) are actually filling your home with pollutants so as a "make my house smell pretty" alternative, I recommend using an essential oil diffuser.

Below are a few of my favorite, go-to essential oil diffuser blends. Using natural products instead of faux fragrances should help you guests enter a space without being overwhelmed by the chosen scent. The last thing we want to do is cause an asthma attack or headache because we sprayed our homes to death with chemical air fresheners or plug-ins so try these essential oil diffuser options instead: 

  • Lemon or Citrus Fresh - simple, clean and odor eliminating

  • Peppermint + Orange - energizing

  • Northern Lights Black Spruce + Bergamont - cozy, a little floral, a little woodsy

  • Lavender + Peace & Calming - calming, perfect for pre-bedtime

Note: I use about 6-8 drops total in my Young Living Desert Mist Diffuser.


When staying somewhere other than your own bed, restful sleep can be difficult to come by so why not help your guests? Place an essential oil roller bottle by your guest's bed filled with oils perfect for encouraging rest. My favorite option is the pre-made roller bottle, Tranquil, from Young Living. This relaxing blend of Lavender, Roman Camomile, and Cedarwood will have your guests ready for sleep in no time. 

If your guest isn't familiar with essential oils, write or type a small note explaining how to apply the oils. (Roll on wrists and back of neck prior to bed.) With this simple addition to their bedside, your guest will feel cared for, pampered, and ready for a great night's sleep.

Also be sure to have either a water glass or bottled water prepared in the guest's room so they don't have to wonder the house in the middle of the night.


Your guests will likely want to shower while visiting your home overnight. Make them feel part of the family by having new soap ready and all the supplies they may need to feel refreshed.

My favorite natural soap options are the Charcoal Bar Soap and Lemon Sandalwood Bar Soaps from Young Living. Remove the soap from the box, but keep the plastic wrap on so your guest knows it is ready for use, but they aren't sharing with your kids or you. This simple step of placing a new bar of soap on a freshly laundered, folded bath towel will make your guests feel like they're at a hotel rather than bumming at a friends house.

Take it a step further by having an extra toothbrush, toothpaste, razor and anything else they may have forgotten to pack. Again, we want to provide an environment that makes your guest feel at home rather than an inconvenience or burden.


Gilmore Girls fan, anyone?

Odds are if you're in my home you're a coffee drinker or I'll train you to become one. I mean, who doesn't love waking up to the smell of fresh coffee brewing? Even my mom, a non coffee drinker (yes, those really exist) enjoys the smell of coffee.

Offering something beyond the grocery store creamers is a great way to care for your guests and adding just one drop of peppermint oil to your cup of coffee is a lovely combination that really starts your morning off on the right foot.

Is your guest not a coffee fan? Offer a cup of Thieves Tea instead.

Thieves Tea:

1 cup hot water

1 drop Thieves essential oil

3 drops Lemon oil

honey to taste


Another lovely way to pamper your guest unexpectedly is to offer something for them to take home. I think something like a new lip balm (again, at the bedside) is a wonderful item to remind your guest that you care and are thankful for their visit.

The hands down best lip balms around are Young Living's grapefruit and lavender lip balms. Made with clean, natural products, your friends and family will never want to leave home without it again.

Any items you like to provide for your guests? Share your best tips with us on instagram!

xo, Robin

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