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Refresh Your Home for Spring in 3 Easy Steps

I adore our home in Nashville. It's a little ranch (about 1500 sqft) that we basically gutted and recreated to fit our style and needs, buuuuuut - we've been here for like a bazillion days because of the pandemic and after that much time in your home, even the cutest of spaces need a little refresh. And I don't know about you, but when warmer weather arrives, suddenly my spaces are begging for a Spring refresh - ideally without breaking the bank.

Last week, I did just that. With some rearranging (OK, a lot of rearranging), some grocery store florals, and a selection of gorgeous, colorful pillow covers, I was able to transform my living spaces into fresh, Spring ready rooms. Read along to see what I adjusted, how I restyled my surfaces and how changing our view can impact our moods.

Before we dive in on the details, here's a look at the living space before - actually, this view is before before, but you get the idea.

Here's the real before with our SVEN Article sofa facing the fireplace and the bench on the opposite side of the room:

And here's the view after my Spring Refresh efforts:

It feels bright, cheerful and most importantly, new which keeps me from spending my entire bank account to redesign the space. Everything pictured here was either pulled from another space or repositioned (meaning FREE!) other than the greenery and pillow covers. But even those pillows are stuffed with my existing pillow inserts which is a great way to keep your spending to a minimum.

Ready to give your space a Spring Refresh? Here's how to get there in 3 easy steps:


Don't feel like you can't move your decor around. Just because it works in it's current location doesn't mean there isn't another option. Our main living room is small and even so, I have found numerous arrangements for our furniture in that space. Do some layouts work better than others? Definitely, but trying something new is always worth a little effort and if you don't love it, you can easily shift it back.

For this Spring Refresh, I moved our sofa back to it's original placement (facing the tv), swapped the dresser on the back wall for the piece that was being used as our TV stand, created a coffee table out of the trunk from our sons' room, moved one of my ML Brown Studio paintings to the dark feature wall, and created a mini gallery wall with two other artists' work that were being used on our kitchen shelving.

BEFORE: Console as a TV Stand
AFTER: Console table on dark feature wall

I love how the newly positioned artwork pops against the dark feature wall and the height of the TV stand is perfect in relation to the height of the sofa. It conceals more of the kid mess (toy baskets underneath) and gives the opportunity for a well styled surface which makes this designer's heart happy. With the TV stand swapped to the opposite side of the room, I opted for - wait for it - no TV stand in it's place. (Crazy, right?! Not really.) Instead I tucked our storage bench underneath the tv and positioned the dresser (that was originally on the dark wall) next to our front door. This provides drawers to tuck away the tv remote and a surface to set items down on as you enter the home. So although furniture shifted, non of the functionality was lost. I also replaced the artwork next to the front door with Margaret's darker painting that I had hanging in our hallway. I love that this now pulls the dark tones to the lighter walls and helps balance our dark gray feature wall.

AFTER: Entry
AFTER: Entry & TV Wall

I honestly love how the bench softens this wall. I also moved our accent chair forward to create more of a true conversational seating space. The dresser is another perfectly styled surface, one that I can see while sitting at our dining table which again makes the space feel finished and tidy (even though we all know those drawers are hiding a massive amount of kid clutter).

OK, so after sweating a bit, your next step in your Spring Refresh is to add in some color and texture through new throw pillows.


Now, if you have seasonal throw pillows already, just bust those suckers out and freshen up your space with a zero dollar update. However, if you don't already have some Spring pillows or are ready for some higher quality options, jump on over to Shop Lucky Collective and pick out some one of a kind pillow covers. (Visit this month's Meet the Makers post for a discount code.) They will not only add the color you need, but will provide gorgeous depth and texture to really bring your space to life.

I selected a collection of 8 pillows in a variety of colors to bring in the fresh feelings of Spring. The best part of these pillows is the ability for them to mix and match and somehow emerge as a thoughtfully curated collection - it's like magic, y'all! And all I had to do was fill them using the pillow inserts I already owned.

If unsure where to start with your selections, try pulling a color out of your area rug or artwork and looking for a pillow with a similar hue. Once you find your first pillow, select another by either choosing a pillow in a complimentary color scheme (blue compliments orange, yellow compliments purple, green compliments red) or try a neutral option.

Another way to create a perfect pairing is to mix textures and patterns. Select one pillow with lots of thick texture and layer with a couple more simple fabrics. Or find a geometric pattern and pair with a softer, more organic selection. But most importantly, select something that you love and will make you smile each time you see it. For me, it's this gorgeous boujad pillow that captured my heart. That thick texture, those pink hues, a little graphic pattern... yes, please!

I also layered in new throw pillows in our den which instantly gave it the Spring pep it needed. (And yes, I loved this pillow so much it got styled in both spaces. Now I just have to decide where it gets to live long term...)


OK, before we cover this topic I feel the need to admit something to you: I am a plant killer. I try, but rarely succeed at being a plant mom. It's just my truth. With that in mind, I opt for the easy to keep alive plants possible because although I'm not skilled at it, I love the life and energy plants bring to a home. And what's more Spring than fresh flowers and plants?!

For this Spring Refresh, I selected a bouquet of florals, a bouquet of greenery and a small potted plant from our local Sprouts. The florals I used in our den and the greenery I used to add layers and height to my dresser styling by the front door. The small potted plant paired perfectly with my console table decor and my ML Brown painting.

For this final (and affordable) step of your Spring Refresh, hit up your local grocery, purchase a bouquet of flowers, a small plant or two and layer them in on your styled surfaces. It's simple, but can make a big impact in your home.

Three cheers for Spring, friends! I can't wait to hear how you refreshed your spaces and made the most of the home you're in. For discounts on ML Brown Studio artwork and Shop Lucky Collective pillows, visit my March Meet the Makers blog post.

xo, Robin

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