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The Transforming Power of Paint

This month for my Lovely Makers series I wanted to add a few decorative (and useful) items to my coffee and tea stations without spending any money. And high fives because that's exactly what I did! Even if you don't already have mason jars and cutting boards laying around your house, you could still recreate these items on a limited budget.

Here's what I did to make some chalkboard mason jars and a cool color-blocked cutting board. Again friends, as I told you here, I'm a terrible DIY blogger because I don't take process photos, but we're all fine because these are so simple that photos aren't a necessity.

DIY Chalkboard Painted Mason Jars


  • Black Paint (I used acrylic)

  • Baking Soda

  • Mason Jar(s)

  • Paint Brush

  • Chalk

Mix a small amount of baking soda into your paint. Paint a thin layer on the mason jar and let dry completely. Paint a second (and potentially third) layer to get full coverage over the glass. After the paint is fully dry, add your label of choice using chalk. Set out and admire your mad DIY skills.

DIY Color-Blocked Cutting Board


  • Cutting Board (mine was originally from Michael's)

  • Paint in color of your choice

  • Painters tape (Frog tape is the best, IMO)

  • Paint Brush

Tape off a section of the cutting board. (I did mine at an angle.) Paint one portion of the cutting board being sure to get full coverage. Add an additional layer of paint if needed. Before the paint is fully dry, remove the painters tape for the cleanest edge possible. Let dry completely and display.

*Keep in mind painting a cutting board is for decorative purposes only and would not be an item to use for cutting or setting food out on.

If you attempt any of these simply DIYs, be sure to share with me on Instagram by tagging @lovelylarkliving!



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