• Robin Kee

TIPS + SIPS SERIES: Styling a Night Stand

Do you ever struggle with how to style your nightstand table? Like, how do I make it cute and functional? Based on the many questions I've received about it, I'm going to assume you have which is why I dedicated a IGTV video to the topic (which you can find by following me on Instagram).

You can also reference these graphics when selecting what you want to keep, add or eliminate from your nightstand. A few must have items: Artwork or photos, a tray or bowl to contain bedtime clutter, empty surface space for a phone and glass of water, and lighting.

Lighting Tip: When selecting a table lamp, try to let the base of the lamp shade line up with your chin height (when seated on the bed) so that you'll have plenty of reading light without being blinded by a lamp that is too short or far too tall.

If you have any additional questions, comment, message me on Facebook or Instagram or email me directly at LovelyLarkLiving@gmail.com.

Happy styling!

xo, Robin