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Lovely Lark Living is an e-design company with a personal touch. Birthed out of a desire to help others live their best life inside a home they truly love, Lovely Lark will empower you to create the stylish, functional spaces you've always wanted on your timeline and budget. Whether styling a room that's never felt quite right, designing a completely new space, or simply consulting on finish selections or space planning, Lovely Lark Living will help you create spaces that feel like home and make everyone want to stay just a bit longer. With a less-is-more aesthetic and a focus on the essentials, Robin will guide you through the styling, staging, or designing process with ease - leaving you happy as a lark.


Robin Kee, owner of Lovely Lark Living, received a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Mississippi State University.  Now a busy mother of three young children living in a small, newly renovated ranch home in Nashville, Robin understands more than ever the need for stylish living that makes the most of each room and works for your current season of life.


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